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    Advanced technology for comfortable vision 

    LifeStyle Balansis is Hoya's multifocal lens that provides great visual comfort to carry out all modern everyday activities at every viewing distance.


    Common issues for standard multifocal wearers

    LifeStyle Balansis Product features

    Peripheral Blur 

    Seeing blurred vision through the outer area of the lenses 

    View Xpansion Technology

    Maximises the clear visual field by minimising blur in the outer area of the lenses

    Unnatural head Posture

    Needing to tilt head to the correct angle to read clearly

    Double Surface Technology

    Reduces distortion and provides natural head posture during near work. Benefit from a natural transition to near vision areas for an instant focus on digital devices. 

    Sway Effect

    Experiencing a floating sensation from head movements

    Stable View

    Reduces the unpleasant swim and sway effect, provides stable vision when moving around or walking up and down stairs. It is suitable for a modern lifestyle,when you're always on the move in a fast-paced 



    • Easy adaptation

    • Balanced vision for activities

    • Minimised swim and sway effect

    • Quick focusing from far to near and vice versa

    • Superior visual comfort at all distances

    • Ideal for first time and existing progressive wearers


    Standard Multifocal

    Standard multifocal lenses have large distortion areas at the sides of the lens. Common complaints include a ‘swim and sway’ feeling when moving around and vision problems when changing focus between near and far distance.

    LifeStyle Balansis Multifocal

    LifeStyle Balansis lenses take the common progressive lens adaptation issues into consideration and offers overall visual comfort to wearers.

    LifeStyle V+ Harmony/ Clarity Multifocal

    LifeStyle V+ lens designs consider the wearer’s lifestyle and wearing parameters* and is suitable for a wide range of frames.


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