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    Customised for Optimised Vision

    Why do customised progressive lenses provide better optical performance than standard lenses?

    Just like fingerprints, everyone’s eyes are different and consequently have different needs. Also, what we typically do each day, and therefore how we use our
    eyes, determines our ideal progressive lens design.Taking this into account, Hoya developed MyStyle Profile, which comprises 5 pre-defined designs.
    The designs are derived from the most common wearers’ profiles, based on their daily activities and differentvisual requirements. Regardless of what you do and
    whether you’re a first-time or experienced progressive wearer, Hoya’s MyStyle Profile offers you the optimised vision you need.


    Types of visual requirements

    Far Vision: 

    For activities with viewing more than 4metres away (E.g. outdoors, running, walking) 

    Intermediate Vision:

    For activities with viewing between an arm’s length to 4 metres (E.g. computer use, TV viewing)  

    Near Vision:

    For activities within arm’s length (E.g. reading, using mobile phone)



    Which profile are you? 



    Designed for heavy computer users, people who work in an office environment or play indoor sport.   


    Perfect for outdoor workers or sports people, anyone who walks or drives a lot, or spends much of their day outdoors looking into the distance.         


    Created for people who require good vision at all distances.   



    Tailored for people who spend a lot of time indoors and focus on close and nearby distances. ideal for reading, viewing your mobile and TV, computer work, hobbies, fine work and many indoor professions.


    Designed for experienced progressive len wearers who often view objects from a distance or up close. 




    MyStyle Profile Product features   Benefits

    Smart Analysis

    Optimises your vision by taking into consideration the key factors affecting visual performance, including your main daily activities.





    Comfortable and natural vision


    Binocular Harmonisation

    Enables easy focusing, improved depth perception and effortless focusing from  near to far. 




    Improved depth perception


    Integrated Double Surface Design

    Minimises visual distortion during daily activities, reducing eye movement from far to near distance (and vice versa)




    Wider field of vision & enhanced visual performance


    Position of Wear

    Lenses customised to position on your face in relation to your eyes.




    Easy adaptation



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