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  • YES, you control UV

    Did you know that by the time an individual turns 18, he or she will already have acquired nearly 80% of lifetime UV exposure.* 
    We are surround by UV all day, every day. The cumulative eff ect of long-term exposure can be quite impactful. UV radiation is in
    fact the largest cause of multiple eye disorders including cataracts and corneal degeneration.


    The effects of UV on our eyes
    That’s why they deserve the best possible protection against the harmful eff ects of UV. If you wear glasses, the material of your lenses are already absorbing all the UV light transmitting from the front. However, UV rays can still be refl ected into your eyes via the back surface of your lenses. Until now.

    The difference

    HOYA UV Control is a unique coating applied to the back surface of your lenses,blocking the harmful UV rays from refl ecting into your eyes. Together with the UV resistant lens material, UV Control provides the most all-round solution, offering maximum UV protection for your eyes. 

    Diamond Finish UV Control 

    Combine UV Control with Diamond Finish multi-coat, the toughest anti-reflection coating in the market today. With up to five times
    more scratch resistant than standard anti-reflection coatings and offering complete protection from UV, this product ensures years of
    excellent performance and durability.

    *Source: thevisioncouncil.org

    Product features

    •    Prevents UV aging the eyes
    •    Prevents UV damaging the eyes
    •    Protects against UV related eye disorders


    UV Control Brochure

    For trade information and downloads, please login or speak with your local HOYA Sales Consultant.