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  •     "Just another great customer experience we've had from a patient!

    I'm always excited and enthusiastic about improving our patients visual needs for the lifestyles!  For many years
    a patient of ours has been experiencing difficulties 
     with her multifocal lenses of another brand. A lot of time was spent consulting and re-measuring over the years. She has a minimal distance prescription(<+0.50D) with an addition of +2.25D, but obviously very sensitive with her visual clarity.

    She’s recently purchased a pair of iD MyStyle V+ after a HOYA iDentifier consultation with our dispenser, and with the re-assurance of Hoya’s extended adaptation warranty, she is extremely satisfied with her new glasses and she’s came back for a second set!

    Timothy Lo, Owner & Optometrist
    Vision One Eyecare - VIC

      "These glasses have changed my life!

    I can now concentrate well beyond what I was previously capable of. When wearing my conventional multifocal lenses, I didn't realise how much of my attention was diverted into  maintaining my posture. I spent so much  subconscious energy keeping my head, neck and body in the exact position to maintain focus that my concentration span was compromised. 
    My new WorkStyle V+ lenses allow me to relax and read and read and read! I love it. An added  bonus is that I don't need to take them off all the time, and they don't look like bottle glass! I would not hesitate recommending them to others.” 

    Donna, Pharmacist
    The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne


      "Adaption to LifeStyle V+ lenses was instantaneous - cannot fault them in any way

    I have been wearing the new Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ for more than a week now, I continue to enjoy the experience and cannot fault the lenses in any way. Adaptation to them was instantaneous and lack of any perceptible peripheral distortion is a bonus. Well done HOYA!

    Chris Earnshaw

    Owner/Optometrist - Visique Pakuranga Optometrists - NZ


     " I haven't been able to see this well in years....everything is in 3D again!

    One of my patients picked up his V+ Clarity then ran back into the practice about 30 minutes later to tell me they were the best lenses he ever had and that he hadn't been able to see this well in years. He went on to say "Everything is in 3D again!" A very happy customer. 

    Simon Little
    Optometrist - North Lakes Optometry- QLD


      "Transition from distance to near is fabulous

    I have been fitted with V+ Clarity lenses with BlueControl,  I love the lens design. The transition from distance to near is fabulous – NO SWIM. I can move my head from side to side and up and down without any distortion whatsoever. I am very happy with my new specs,  vision is fabulous! 

    Carol Knight
    Vision @ broadway - VIC



      "First impression after 30 mins, it's awesome!

    Given this is my first multi-focal ever, my first impressions after 30 minutes was its awesome! Vision is very clear and sharp and there is very little distortion or swim effect.

    Lai Huhnh
    Cammeray Optometrist - NSW



      "The WOW factor

    They certainly have a WOW factor.  I have been in progressive lenses for some 22 years and have worn most designs from the reputable companies, both past and present.  I can without reservation say that these lenses give vision above and beyond anything I have ever experienced.

    The clarity is excellent, peripheral vision is virtually undisturbed, there being no noticeable distortion. Flow through to add is clear and "simple" and no head movement is required to "find that sweet spot" in the lens.  In fact I frequently find myself not even realising I have my specs on.

    I am very critical and aware of problems progressive lenses bring to wearers both long term and first time  wearers.  I will have no hesitation in recommending these.

    Sue Gordon 
    Taupo - Vision-Care - NZ



      "Thrilled at how wonderful they are

    I am wearing my new HOYA iD LifeStyle Harmony lenses and are thrilled how wonderful they are. 

    Rose Fittell
    Greg Fittell Optometrist - Eyecare Plus Mooloolaba - QLD


      "Thank you very much for HOYA`s commitment to the advancement of lens  technology

    These lenses are by far the best progressive addition lenses I have worn to date. My field of view is excellent at all distances and for all uses.

    I have oblique astigmatism in both eyes and I am amazed at the lack of any aberrations in my peripheral viewing areas including near. While I cannot read clearly at near point in my peripheral, I still have comfortable vision for all desk duties and mobility vision.

    Great lens technology, thank you. BUT, even better, I am simply amazed at the demonstrated benefits of the Hoya BlueControl multicoat. I was a sceptic who did not even think that I suffered from asthenopia while using the computer, but since using the BlueControl lenses I realise that I did have issues with my long term computer use and feel so much more comfortable visually when at the computer all day. 

    I thank you very much for the lenses as well as HOYA`s commitment to the advancement of lens technology.

    Leigh Robinson 
    Teacher - Optical Dispensing - RMIT University - VIC





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