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  • Unveiling....the NEW Hoyalux Dynamic NuPolar®

    Hoyalux Dynamic NuPolar is the new back-side FreeForm progressive lens design combined with the state-of-the-art NuPolar polarised technology. A perfect complement to HOYA’s unique iD FreeForm Technology, offering an affordable, optimised lens design for your patients to enjoy the outdoors with the maximum protection against glare.


    • Optimised for individual prescription for greatest performance of the lens design.  
    • Provides crisper, wider viewing areas and more natural vision at all distance.
    • Easy to order, no special parameters required.


    Design Hoyalux Dynamic NuPolar®
    Colours Grey, Brown and G15 Green
    Materials 1.50 and 1.60 materials
    Coatings Super Hard / VP / Backside AR / Diamond Finish
    Polarising efficiency > 99%

    > Download the HOYA NuPolar product range here. (1 Page, 168KB)

    NuPolar is a registered trademark of Younger Optics.