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  • *New* single vision anti-fatigue lenses designed for your digital lifestyle

    The way we look at the world and use our eyes has changed over time. We used to spend most of our time looking at far
    and intermediate distances. 
    Today we primarily focus on near objects such as computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, 
    gaming devices and books. Most of us don’t realise the harmful effect this shift has on our eyes and vision.


    Growing exposure to digital screens

    Nearly 60% of us are looking at digital screens for 5+ hours per day* and it’s taking its toll on our eyes, causing eye fatigue and digital eye strain.  Symptoms can include tired eyes, blurred vision, headache and dry eyes. You may even experience neck or back pain, through stress placed on your cervical spine, if you’re spending long periods unconsciously bent forward looking at a screen. 

    Spending a large amount of time looking at digital screens (or any near object) means our eyes are constantly exerting more effort to focus. Put simply, our eyes are working harder, causing strain.  

    *Source: 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report.


    How do Dynamic Sync lenses work

    Dynamic Sync lenses are specifically designed for people who spend long periods of time looking at near objects such as digital screens and require glasses to see things clearly in the distance. Dynamic Sync’s superior design has your ‘distance power’ for everyday use and a ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens. The boost zone reduces eye strain during up close activities such as looking at digital screens, reading or any ‘near task’ activities. The boost zone allows your eye muscles to relax and focus more easily, helping to relieve eye strain and provide visual comfort. This is even after several hours looking at near distances.

    Product features

    •   Less eye fatigue and eye strain
    •   Relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances
    •   Comfortable, clear vision all day long
    •   Available with premium anti-reflective coating BlueControl Diamond Finish

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